The Universe is a pretty big place, but the fact that we are connected to every bit of it, actually means it could be considered, a pretty small place.

I have often heard people say “I would love to be able to meditate, but I can’t do that stuff, when I try, all sorts of thoughts keep popping into my head”

The more we try to relax when we are not ready for sleep, the more of our inner thoughts surface, but don’t worry this is natural and means that you are doing something right, you are beginning to become relaxed and all the ‘chatter’ of your subconscious mind is beginning to leak through. Your subconscious mind does all the ‘real’ number crunching thinking while your conscious mind makes decisions and issues instructions. How often have you gone to look for something and can’t find it, you then give up and move onto something else and later the knowledge of what you were looking for ‘pops’ up and you know the answer. This was your sub-conscious mind trawling through your memory banks of images, actions and sensory inputs and when it finds the answer it delivers it to your conscious mind.

This also happens when you hand over control to driving your car, once you have driven somewhere a few times, it becomes second nature and you tend to find yourself relinquishing control to your sub-conscious for the drive as you start working on and thinking about other issues.

Both conscious and unconscious minds are really one mind, YOU. The more you relax the more you become aware of yourself and the more you meditate the more of yourself you will understand and trust.

One popular way to meditate:


Start of by putting yourself in a situation where you are not disturbed in a quiet room where no loud noises can cause you to jump out of your state of mind, wear some loose soft clothing and lay down and relax or sit upright in a chair. When you feel relaxed start to think of your breathing and count your out breaths, keep this going for several minutes just concentrating on your breathing, in and out. (just like counting sheep when trying to sleep).

Practice this every day if you can for 2 minutes, as you become more practiced you will be able to extend this from 2 minutes to an hour or more, as many times a day as you like and you will notice that you can monitor and count your breathing for longer periods with the practice before stray thoughts leak in, when you get a thought, acknowledge it with kindness and say “thank you, but we will deal with this after I have finished meditating” then push the thought away to the left of your mi