Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my given name is Kenneth.

The name Kenneth derives from the Gaelic “Cinaed” or “Cionaed” meaning “born of fire” or “Coinneach” or “Caoineach” meaning “comely”  From there, it became the Scottish “Kenneth.”

I have been using meditation for a very long time, ever since I was 10 years old and feel I have a wealth of experience and knowledge about this wonderful art of self discovery that I wish to share with as many people as I can find who would like to spend some time exploring themselves.

In my journeys I was introduced to dowsing at the age of 7 by my grandma who herself was a Diviner, using Tarot, Crystal ball, Palmistry and tea leaf reading as well as a solid reputation as a herbalist.

During my life I have discovered that I also inherited the ability to provide energy for the facilitation of helping people to energetically heal themselves and have become known for Chakra balancing through the removal of energy blockages.

My dowsing has also become useful in dealing with personal energies and providing spiritual help for people and the landscape, some have called me a spirit whisperer because of my talent in persuading spirits and entities to return to their home and leave this plain of existence.

I am also a qualified Tree doctor and horticulturist

I am a Geomancer and can provide energy balancing for homes and landscapes

I am also a full member and master wizard of the Wayfinders association of modern Wizardry, an organisation for modern Philosophy.