Chakra Centres

Chakra or Chakras are an important part of the energy field and can be found as part of all higher life forms, in humans there are seven major Chakra’s of the physical body, (although human beings do have 241 when we include all of the minor Chakras plus those that exist in the energetic body) that start at the crown of the head and follow the path of the spine down to the base or tail, which is called the root Chakra where the energy is manifested through the Perineum between our legs. In essence energy enters through all the Chakra’s as well as exiting, much like breathing, although the front Chakras tend to allow in more than comes out, and the Chakras on your back let out more than they take in.

With training and practise you will be able to increase the energy flow from the Universal Energy Field through the crown Chakra to vitalise your own energy field. The energy flow can be interrupted or blocked from flowing which can cause manifestations of symptoms that are attributed to illness or disease.  By keeping the energy system in tune and flowing will strengthen the body’s natural defence systems and will contribute greatly to a healthy balanced life.

Although this article will not go into great depth on the Chakras, it is well understood by energy practitioners that ‘stress’ is a major indicator of an unbalanced Chakra or Chakras, as the Chakras are also part of the human energy system any blockage or malfunction could also be related to a blocked meridian, Chakra or minor Chakra.

When healers balance the major Chakras, this will in practise tend to cause blockages elsewhere in the human energy system to unblock and encourage minor Chakras to become balanced, although again that is not always the case.  When Chakras become unbalanced they usually remain unbalanced unless worked on, although that is not a fixed rule. You can also be born with a Chakra un-balance inherited from a past life, or even due to undue stress placed on the mother when in child through diet or stress.

So it is always best to speak to a experienced energy or spiritual healer who will advise on how long the treatment can take. An example would be a childhood unbalance in the root Chakra, and as the more advanced Chakras come into being, they are likely to be unbalanced as well, think of having poor foundations and then building a house on top, the house could develop cracks or other structural failure, with a house you can do some foundation underpinning, with the Chakras you can have balancing work to the Chakras working from the bottom up, although depending on your age your Chakras may be in the second cycle of development, in which case it can become complicated and extensive treatment may be required.

With the energy field and Chakras you may have to start with balancing the root Chakra before working on the higher Chakras, which can take time as it is always best to take small steps when clearing blockages or balancing Chakras as there are usually emotions involved, and the release of pent up emotions can cause distress to the patient.

The 1st root Chakra starts to develop at birth and is considered developed between the ages of 3 – 5, although a Chakra can continue to develop throughout your life as each Chakra will go through cycles of development. This Chakra is primarily concerned with self-preservation, but related to selflessness, passion and many more basic instincts, giving plenty of love as a child and freedom to explore is what this Chakra needs to develop correctly

The 2nd Chakra or Sacral Chakra begins to develop at the age of  3 – 5 (once the root Charka has completed) through to 8 years of age and is primarily concerned with sexuality, security, creativity and sincerity, this Chakra needs love and freedom to express and is positioned 2 inches below the navel.

The 3rd Chakra or Solar Plexus begins to develop at the age of 8 and completes its first cycle of development at 12 years of age. The 3rd Chakra is concerned with logic, opinion, reason and intuition, this Chakra needs stimulation and exposure to wisdom. This Chakra is positioned slightly below the dip at the bottom of the rib cage or sternum, again in line with the spine.

The 4th Chakra or Heart Chakra is positioned where your heart is but again in the centre of your body in line with your spine. The heart Chakra is concerned with love of others, compassion, feeling and tenderness also detachment. The heart Chakra begins to develop at age 12 through to age 15 years old, and requires understanding, freedom and wisdom, this is when unconditional love will develop.

The 5th Chakra the throat Chakra is positioned at the front of the throat. The throat Chakra starts to develop at age 15 through to 21 and is concerned with expression, communication, universal truth and responsibility. The throat Chakra should be encouraged and allowed to communicate all things that the young person wants to communicate.

The 6th Chakra the Brow Chakra is positioned central and behind the eyes. The brow Chakra starts to develop at birth but is related to the previous Chakras gaining and growing ability as the person (previous Chakras develop) grows. The brow Chakra is connected with inspiration, completeness, command, insight and spirit. The brow Chakra needs nourishing with wisdom, meditation, pureness of intention and heart. The brow Chakra more than any other requires a healthy Chakra system to be at its best.

The 7th Chakra or Crown Chakra is positioned on the top of the head. The Crown Chakra is concerned with soul, surrender, will and release. The crown Chakra along with the 1st Chakra is open to the universal energy field ( UEF) from birth and if balanced will receive and allow energy flow as and when your internal energy system requires it. You can also request additional energy from the universe through mediation and other techniques.

There are many ways that your Chakras can become unbalanced (not with-standing what has already been mentioned such as a previous life hangover, poor childhood etc.) You could be following a poor diet which can cause internal blockages in your energy system (not enough living food) this can prevent the clean flow of energy from the crown out through the root Chakra. You could be working or living in a high electro-magnetic energy area which will disrupt your internal energy flows (pc monitors, microwaves, TV’s power sockets etc.).

Even emotional stress can disrupt your energy flow causing energy blockages, (relationship breakup, death of a loved one, emotional abuse etc.). An unbalanced Chakra such as your 2nd Sacral Chakra, can cause feelings of insecurity or even hold you back with co-creativity, preventing you working with others, if you feel a need to always be in a relationship, this can be attributed to a lack of self-worth, a common fault of an unbalanced 2nd Chakra, this can impact on your life. Also causing the rest of your Chakras to be muted or not fully developed, there are many ways an unbalanced Chakra can shape your character in ways that can cause you issues.

There are many ways to start the re-balance of your Chakras yourself, you could make sure that your diet consists of lots of living foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables and fish.  You could use crystals, crystals resonate or vibrate and picking the right crystal to match your Chakra will encourage a re-balance to begin. Colour and the right music using the right musical tones are also capable of re-balancing your Chakras. Using yoga or Qigong will strengthen and go a long way towards a Chakra re-balance. For serious in-balance you could also see an energy therapist such as a Reiki, Reflexology or Acupuncture practitioner.  Chakra re-balance can take a long time so be prepared for a holistic treatment to help speed up this process.