Crystals & Energy Vibrations

How do Crystals affect people?


Crystals or semi-precious crystal stones have unique chemical formulas – think of a cake recipe, the basic ingredients are always there but by adding different quantities and/or additional ingredients you will end up with a different cake. It is the same concept with crystals.

By changing the minerals (ingredients) of crystals when they are formed you can end up with completely different crystal structures. The structure (shape) of the crystal will determine the resonance (vibration) of the crystal and this resonance is then fine-tuned by the vibrations  given off by the combination and amounts of minerals that are contained within the crystal.

There are seven crystal shapes that all mineral crystals are formed from:

Cubic crystals are formed by minerals which have a cubic molecule shape, eg:  diamonds, fluorite and pyrite. These cubes can then fuse and grow together as the crystal forms into Octahedrons, Tetrahedrons, Dodecahedrons and Pentagon-dodecahedrons to give such structures as garnet or lapis lazuli magnetite

Hexagonal structured crystals, displayed by crystals such as apatite, aquamarine, emerald and morganite

Trigonal crystal systems are crystals with a triangular inner structure such as amethyst, rock crystal, citrine, ruby and tourmaline (among others)

Tetragonal structured crystals like zircon and rutile structures have rectangular inner domains

Monoclinic crystals have parallelogram/inclined structures and include crystals such as jade, lepidolite and malachite

Triclinic crystals have an inner shape or structure in the form of a trapezium, able to form a double where two trapeziums come together. Examples include labradorite, turquoise, rhodonite and sunstone

Orthorhombic crystal structures have inner shapes as rhombuses – crystals like topaz, aragonite and olivine

Modification of the mineral amounts of a crystal will affect how hard the crystal is and there is no set formula for how the composition sets itself. Crystals can form at different speeds, affecting what minerals are included. Different environments (temperature, pressures) will determine the physical state of any mineral included into the crystal and these will have effects on the final colour of the crystal. The colour of the crystal can then have an effect on its final healing properties. The reflection of light radiation that the crystal gives off also has a vibration and if the crystal is mostly red, it is absorbing the wavelength of blue light and reflecting wavelengths in the red region of the light spectrum, affecting its final use in healing.

So how are crystals used in healing therapies?

Crystal therapists have a huge reservoir of knowledge that has been accumulated over many hundreds and thousands of years. This knowledge allows them to choose a certain crystal for a particular type of healing. For example, the healing may be energetic in nature (if the therapist has diagnosed that your health issue is to do with your energy system or Aura). It may be purely a physical problem that needs resolving and an appropriate crystal, or even a combination of crystals, can be administered.

Practitioners and therapists are likely to provide a holistic healing treatment as it is readily assumed that physical medical problems usually start at the energetic level, so when treatment is provided a therapist will use a combination of crystals and other treatments as they feel is required.

So how does it work on the human body?

There is much scientific research going on regards the subtle affects on people, in the main it is the crystals resonance that provides the healing.  All creatures whether flora or fauna contain large amounts of minerals – taking away the water content of the human body leaves you merely with a pile of minerals. Those minerals exist inside the cells of your body and are used to produce energy and essential life-dependent molecules – this is the cells “food”. The minerals inside a cell will enable enzymes to catalyse reactions, converting and creating molecules in conjunction with excess energy used by the cell. Minerals are also important effectors in the process of osmosis, that which allows chemicals or water to enter or leave the cell.

The crystal will have a certain resonance which is in tune with certain minerals within its range; the crystals potency is its ability to provide a resonance to affect the minerals in your body. Think of two tuning forks both tuned to the note of C, if you set one tuning fork resonating and move it towards the static tuning fork, the static fork will begin to resonate in harmony with the vibrating one.

In other words the ENERGY is transferred from the singing tuning fork to the static and this is what happens in crystal therapy. The energy of the crystal gives fresh impetus and extra energy to the minerals in your body. The minerals in your body are now able to work at peak efficiency and the tasks they are required to do are done much better than before, giving your cells new life. This in turn allows your whole body to increase and improve its ability to heal itself at a faster rate. This is how crystals affect and help to heal the physical body… but what about the energetic health of the living organism? How do crystals heal from an energetic standpoint?

Crystals have effects on the energetics of the human body:

They can be used to tune the Chakras, unblock the meridians and to have an effect on the energetic levels of the human Aura. By physical and energetic application of crystal healing, effects on the mind, moods and emotions of the subject are apparent and this will affect the spiritual sides.

The following list are essential and minor minerals used by the human body in its life processes. Without the following minerals in the body, problems will arise quickly in health. Some minerals are essential and you will succumb to ill health and death quickly if their presence is not restored.

Essential Minerals (found in the body)









Minor Minerals (found in the body)

































You might ask, “Uranium and Arsenic?! Why in my body?!” but actually no one is currently sure. Rest assured these are very minor amounts found in an average human – only 0.000089 g of Uranium on average and it is unlikely to be used for anything. You would expect the body to expel something it does not need, but it is there all the same. Uranium is found in granite type rocks and people often live in areas with granite rocks. It is said that the mineral content of the human body closely matches that of sea water.

So where do all these minerals come from and why do the human body depend on so many?

All the elements on earth are made up of atoms that were formed in stars. Some elements are formed in very hot stars and others in cooler stars – some in the same star but in cooler and hotter areas. These atoms are created under variable pressure which affects what exactly is formed. The star (like our Sun) is made up of Hydrogen gas, converted to helium as energy is released. The further into the Sun you go the higher the pressure. As the pressure increases the helium atoms are stripped of protons and neutrons and are then fused to other nuclei. Although there is not a complete understanding of how Hydrogen and Helium atoms are converted into other atoms, the fact that it does is well recognised and scientifically confirmed.

All atoms have a nucleus which are composed of the same building blocks with only the relative numbers of these blocks  (protons, neutrons, electrons) changing and thus changing the type of atom. The more protons and neutrons the heavier the atom (or element) – lead has more protons and neutrons then iron, sulphur more than oxygen etc (it is the number of protons and electrons, always an identical number in one atom, that determines that atoms properties). The lightest atoms are hydrogen (1 proton, 1 electron) and helium (2 protons, 2 electrons). The stars in our Universe blast these atoms out from time to time and when a star goes supernova, different elements are fused and made in huge quantities which are then blasted out, perhaps being absorbed by other stars or collected as space debris around stars and then forming planets – this is the story of the Earth and how it got its elements!

Within the furnace of the centre of the Earth the atoms of the elements are mixed and melded, fused and created into the huge range of minerals we know of today. The constituents of the minerals are the basic 83 basic elements minus the noble gas’s (the noble gases do not form bonds to other elements) so if you imagine the Earth’s molten magma as a mixing bowl which contains the heat and pressure to cause electrons from different elements to interact and form chemical bonds, forming new molecules which can then form bigger molecules and bigger structures with new and different properties – these are the basics of mineral generation.

Humans have evolved on Earth first from sea creatures and later land animals and we are made up of water and minerals. Humans are composed of the minerals that are absorbed by plants which we then eat, or by other animals which we eat. There is conjecture in most human cultures that our spiritual selves take up residence in the human form when it is created, only leaving when the human body dies.

Those minerals which we eat may also contain the energy signature of the life forms that had previously collected or absorbed those minerals.

So the energy signature of the human body, like the ingredients of the dearly loved cake, can differentiate due to the quantity and type of minerals it contains. Imagine the 3 billion cells inside you each vibrating with mineral resonance… add in the electrical/energetic fields that your body produces, the fields themselves which are generated and necessary for health, the flowing of this energy around your body via the meridians. The direct absorption of universal energy through your Chakras, the air, food and water you take in, all of this is part of your bodies’ matrix of energy and contributes to the huge orchestra that is your body. So when a therapist uses natural substances like a crystal that, like you, was forged in the heart of stars and completed in the heart of Mother Earth… you know that you are in safe hands.

So for a crystal example; Rose quartz is made up of: Silica (quartz), Sodium, Iron, Titanium, Aluminium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Manganese in the right quantities to produce the delicate pink. (you can also get oxygen in the form of Titanium oxide embedded into the Rose Quartz during formation which can create a yellowing effect).  So Rose quartz will have its own overall energetic signature as well as individual resonances of the Iron, Sodium etc.  These will combine to produce healing and balancing effects.

  1. Spiritually rose quartz will work with your feminine energies, making your character gentler.
  2. Emotionally the Rose quartz will strengthen your heart, encourage romantic thoughts and increase your emotional sensitivity
  3. Mentally Rose quartz reduces worry and helps with sleep
  4. Physically Rose quartz fortifies the blood and heart and increases sexual activity

You can see that the Iron in the Rose quartz is acting on the iron in your body and energising the mineral, along with the energy of the heart Chakra, both which impacts greatly on your system.

Using Crystals to balance your Chakra system is a common form of treatment and is a simple self-healing treatment that can be accomplished by a Chakra balancing set or Jewellery that you can wear. Chakra balancing is a great way to start resolving many long term issues and minor illness’s. But the advice or treatment of a specialised therapist and medical practitioner such as your doctor should always be sought if there are concerns with any medical conditions. Crystal healing is by its very nature a slow method of healing which is usually accompanied with other complementary therapies.

Crystals are also chosen as birth stones related to your star sign this is useful with the healthiness of your spiritual self allowing you to stay in tune with your true self.

Living in the wrong area that contains the wrong type of mineral bedrock can also be a problem to sensitive people, more than likely if you have moved away from your birthing area. To counter this you can place the correct crystals in your living accommodation and wear crystal jewellery that will help provide the energetic energy that you need.

If you eat a diet containing mostly local produce then the mineral signatures of your body minerals will match over time and help to bond you with the locality and help provide a sense of being earthed and bonded to your area of the country, so your home territory can really be called home.

Crystals can be worn to absorb and help protect you from all sorts of unhealthy energy, from electro-magnetic energies to negative thought energies at work or in public places.

You can also pick an inner healing stone. You would do this by approaching a tray of mixed crystals and finding yourself attracted to a certain crystal either by appearance or feel. Touch the crystals, hold them in your hand and see which one feels warm, or “comfortable”; the crystal will speak to your inner self and you will find yourself choosing. If you are not sure, look away and then look back, find the stone your eyes keep coming back to… this could in fact be the stone that has chosen you.