Mental Time Travel or Chronesthesia

As we strengthen our brain and our mind’s ability’s with regular meditation we find that our ability to do all sort’s mind exercise improve dramatically. A recent study using the fairly new technology of the Fmri scanners (functional magnetic resonance imaging)  shows how the brain/mind will actually use different pasts of the brain when we start conjuring up thoughts, in fact we would use these different parts of our brain regardless if the story is real or made up.

If we make up a story in our mind’s and place it in the past, certain parts of the brain become engaged, if we take the same storyline and place it in the future we will use different parts of our mind and brain for this, and the same applies if we place that imaginary story in the present.  This is called ‘Chronesthesia’ or commonly mental time travel, to read more on this  interesting discovery, follow this link: