Mindfulness in Life

Being mindful is an attitude of mind, we can practise mindful meditation as well as mindful living. Mindful living refers to being aware of the sustainability of life and this idea cascades down through and covers everything on the planet. Mindful living could be as simple as sorting out the household rubbish so it is recycled correctly or it could be practising mindfulness in your garden and not using chemicals that indiscriminately kill ‘things’ that is likely food for other ‘things’, or in other words practise natural sustainability in as many things in your life as you can. Be mindful of others. (other creatures)

Another great method of mindfulness is to practise on your body, we may use breathing as an exercise for meditation but there are some great healing methods of body mindfulness. One I have come across these last few years and have tried from several practitioners is the popular continental method called Feldenkrais .


Mindfulness needs awareness to be operating in your mind, setting goals to be mindful in your life needs you to be aware of all the NEW things that you will encounter while going about your normal day to day life. You can plan to be mindful in your behaviour but what can you do during the transitional stage from before and to ‘now’. Practise being aware of everything you say and do and consider if it is acceptable for your mindful living.